Observing our surroundings through photography

28 April 2016
Text by Jason Nam
Photos by students

Spring season has arrived in Prague, making it ideal for Design Disco's photography workshops. Hosting four workshops this month with over 140 students, we explored the very cool campus of Czech Technical University Faculty of Architecture, the contemporary disctrict of Karlín, and the deep underground Prague Metro stations.

With the high atriums spilling in natural light against the exposed conrete walls, CTU's Architecture school was an ideal location for taking beautiful protraits. Below are some of our favorite shots from the workshop (from left to right: Marina Rodriguez Castelli, Mariana Curti, Maria Trinidad Baldunciel, Yining Rebecca Wang, María Trinidad).


Because of a massive redevelopment project after the 2002 floods, Karín district quickly became a popular destination where it boasts many of the contemporary architectures in Prague. Our instructors' top picks from the workshop: