A very hands-on Design summer studio for teens ✨

The one and only design experience specifically tailored for teens – immersing you in the world of design process and innovation. Learn design and creative problem-solving methods the fun way! This summer studio will help prepare for your future in → 

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Who is this Camp for?

  • You are between 14-19 years old
  • You want to learn what design is all about
  • You want to see how designers work
  • You want to get into a design-related university
  • You want to be more creative
  • You want to see if design is for you
  • You want to take your artistic skills to the next level
  • You want to be better at solving problems
  • You want to make an impact around your community
  • You don’t want to be bored this summer

Student Testimonials

Arina S.

"Design Disco Summer Camp was an incredible and much-cherished experience that taught me so much about the design process and gave me an idea of what it would be like to study architecture. It opened me to a newly found confidence and I began to think: 'I could actually do this.'"

Lisa S. 

"It was so cool to meet new people with the same interests and really build something together that really works. Going through the design steps allowed me to come up with so many great ideas. You realize that it actually works and helps you to come up with solutions."

Lily P.

"Attending the Design Disco Summer Camp was one of the most enjoyable experiences ever. I met so many amazing people and new friends, who I could learn a lot from and had a great time with. We discovered new things every day, not only in classes but also on the trips and walks we took. The balance between work, fun, and food was just ideal, we were so well taken care of. I'll never forget the memories I made with DD!  <3"

Felix T.

"By going through the whole design process like people do in the industry and seeing what a real project could be like from the concept to realization, I’ve learned that behind the seamless experience that we have with objects we interact with, there is so much research and organization that’s been put into the objects. Because of Design Disco, I can project myself into the future and really see myself doing design."

David T.

"DD Summer Camp really helped me in becoming more confident and start doing new things myself.  It gave me a huge motivation as it helped me to evolve and represent myself and what I have done." (David is on his way to study Graphic Design at UMPRUM)

Alessandro V.

"I’ve been considering studying design but I wasn't sure what type of design. This was a cool way to find out about some of the types and see which one I like and dip my toes into the world of design. It will help me a lot with my choice. The experience was awesome, the teamwork. I will have a clear mind of what I want to do in the future."