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Design education for teens ✨ 

We’re excited to introduce Design Disco [Remote] Summer Camp, a completely rethought approach to online learning for high school students! We’ll have some of the most forward-thinking architects, graphic designers, and product designers as our exclusive guest speakers.

You’ll get full access to interactive video lessons guiding you through the design process, livestream lectures, individual coaching from our Camp instructors coming from Virginia Tech, University of Cambridge, and Bauhaus Dessau, and more!

Here’s a quick glance:

Start Date: 2 August 2021
Duration: 4 weeks
Time Commitment: 3 hours/week
Age: High school or gap year student between the age of 14-19 
Language: English 

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How can I apply?
Applications are now open so be quick to save your spot before the early admission deadline on 26 June! (Regular admission deadline is 17 July)

I don’t have any experience in design.
No worries – we know that most high schools don’t teach design. That’s exactly why we created this summer camp!

Can I apply with a friend?
Yesss. In fact, we even have a discount if you join with a friend or a family member.